Is science just an opinion?

Welcome to the online NUTRIM symposium 2020

This year’s theme ‘is science just an opinion?’ cannot be more timely with fake news being increasingly distributed via websites, social media and even traditional media. As a result, the debate over facts and so-called ‘alternative truths’ is ongoing in society, but also in science.

Scientists tend to be much more skeptical about ‘truths’, because in evidenced-based reasoning even undisputed facts are constantly put forwards for open debate. The free expression of opinion, a free and accessible press and the freedom of research, guarantees the debate needed to argue the evidence for scientific knowledge. Still, many people do not merely invent facts, but also feel the need to spread them. Deliberate disinformation has become a means of controlling politics and public opinion. As a result, scientific knowledge is often put aside by the public as ‘just an opinion’. Should scientist care and act now?

We have 2 pre-recorded lectures that are linked to this subject: free and accessible scientific knowledge (by Dr. Egon Willighagen) and the use and misuse of science in making health claims of food products (Dr. Alie de Boer). We will also have a live stream in which our new scientific director Prof. Daisy Jonkers will present her view on the future of NUTRIM and Prof. Annemie Schols will give her NUTRIM lecture. 

It is NUTRIM’s goal to train young scientists in the field of Nutrition and Translational Research in Metabolism. The annual NUTRIM symposium is an important part of this training and we encourage all PhD-students to participate. As part of the NUTRIM symposium (18 November 2020), we would like to additionally offer you all abstracts that were submitted for the NUTRIM abstract prize. These abstracts summarize the work currently done at our School.  

We hope that you will enjoy our annual symposium and be inspired by our scientific work. 


Daisy Jonkers

Scientific director NUTRIM

Roger Godschalk

PhD-student coordinator NUTRIM

Introduction, lecture and announcement of prices

The Scientific Director of NUTRIM Prof. Daisy Jonkers opens the symposium with a short introduction about her view on the future of NUTRIM. Prof. Annemie Schols will give the NUTRIM Lecture and we also announce the winner of the annual thesis award 2020 and the two winners of the abstract prize.

Pre-recorded lectures and 12 short pitches 

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Dr. R. Godschalk

Division 1 | Short pitches selected on abstracts

Division 2|Short pitches selected on abstracts

Division 3|Short pitches selected on abstracts

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