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Annual NUTRIM Symposium 18 November 2020

Introduction Symposium by Daisy Jonkers
Daisy Jonkers studied Biological Health sciences (1987-1992) and obtained her PhD (1997) at Maastricht University. She then worked as postdoctoral research fellow at the department of Medical Microbiology (1997-1999). Thereafter, she continued as postdoctoral fellow (1999-2007), assistant professor (2008-2016) and associate professor (2016-2019) at the department of Internal Medicine, specialised in Gastroenterology-Hepatology. Since 1 March 2019 she has been Professor of Intestinal health. Her research focuses on the bidirectional interaction between intestinal function and diet in the context of common intestinal disorders and with a strong translational approach. She is heading the laboratory of Gastroenterology and is PI of several cohort and (nutritional) intervention studies in Inflammatory Bowel Disease and Irritable Bowel Syndrome. She has published over 160 peer-review articles on this topic. She has participated amongst others in several EU projects, the Top Institute of Food and Nutrition and the Carbohydrate Competence Center. She serves as council member of the Experimental Section of Gastroenterology of the Dutch Society and is Chair of the Scientific Advisory board of the Dutch Digestive Foundation.

Lecture by Annemie Schols
Prof. Annemie Schols, professor of Nutrition and Metabolism in Chronic Diseases at Maastricht University, is the current dean of the Faculty of Health, Medicine and Life Sciences (FHML) and vice-chairman of the Board of Directors of Maastricht UMC+. She has a clear mission: more connection and cooperation within Maastricht UMC + and with partners in the region. She has over 280 scientific publications and is a renowned researcher in the field of cachexia in chronic diseases. Prof. Schols has a long career within FHML and Maastricht UMC+. As former scientific director of NUTRIM, our School has grown into a global center of expertise in the areas of obesity, diabetes, inflammatory disorders and COPD.

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NUTRIM Thesis Award 2020

The PROMise of remote monitoring to improve quality of care for inflammatory bowel disease
Dr. Marin de Jong

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