D3 | Abstracts

Annual NUTRIM Symposium 18 November 2020


Amino acid removal during hemodialysis can be compensated for by protein ingestion and is not affected by exercise >

Floris K. Hendriks, Joey S.J. Smeets, Janneau M.X. van Kranenburg, Natascha J.H. Broers, Frank M. van der Sande, Jeroen P. Kooman, and Luc J.C. van Loon


Mealworm ingestion stimulates muscle protein synthesis rates at rest and following exercise in vivo in young males >

Wesley J.H. Hermans, Joan M. Senden, Tyler A. Churchward-Venne, Kevin J.M. Paulussen, Cas J. Fuchs, Joey S.J. Smeets, Lex B. Verdijk, and Luc J.C. van Loon


Whey protein supplementation does not accelerate recovery from a single bout of eccentric exercise >

Luuk Hilkens, Jolien De Bock, Joris Kretzers, Alwine F.M. Kardinaal, Esther G. Floris-Vollenbroek, Petra A.M.J. Scholtens, Astrid M.H. Horstman, Luc J.C. van Loon, and Jan-Willem van Dijk


Longitudinal changes in total and regional body composition in patients with COPD >

Felipe V.C. Machado, Martijn A. Spruit, Miranda Coenjaerds, Fabio Pitta, Niki L. Reynaert, Frits M.E. Franssen


The muscle protein synthetic response after ingestion of corn protein, milk protein and their protein blend in young males >

Philippe J.M. Pinckaers, Michelle E.G. Weijzen, Lisanne H.P. Houben, Antoine H. Zorenc, Imre W.K. Kouw, Lisette C.P.G.M. de Groot, Lex B. Verdijk, Tim Snijders, Luc J.C. van Loon


Outcomes of pulmonary rehabilitation in patients with COPD: a systematic review >

Sara Souto-Miranda, Guilherme Rodrigues, Martijn A. Spruit, Alda Marques


The energetic cost of walking and spatiotemporal parameters during the walking in persons with multiple sclerosis >

Kyra Theunissen, Guy Plasqui, Annelies Boonen, Pieter Meyns, Annick Timmermans, Peter Feys, Kenneth Meijer


Cigarette smoke exposure disrupts the molecular regulation of mitochondrial metabolism in human bronchial and alveolar epithelial cells >

C.B.M. Tulen, C.H.J. Schiffers, P.A. Leermakers, N.L. Reynaert, M.A. Dentener, Y.C.M. Staal, F.J. van Schooten, A. Opperhuizen, A.H.V. Remels


Efficacy of working memory training in COPD: the randomized placebo-controlled Cogtrain trial >

Martijn van Beers, Sarah W. Mount, Katrijn Houben, Harry R. Gosker, Lisanne Schuurman, Frits M. E. Franssen, Daisy J. A. Janssen, Annemie M. W. J. Schols


The BFF Study- The Better to Fix or Fuse Study >

G.A.N.L. Stollenwerck MD, N. van den Boom MD, M. Poeze, MD PhD, P. Schormans MD, T. Schepers MD PhD, J.M. Hoogendoorn MD PhD, E. Hermans MD PhD, R. van Vugt MD PhD, H. Janzing MD PhD, S. Evers PhD


Characterization of a novel, mouse orthotopic lung cancer model to study lung cancer cachexia >

Wouter R. P. H. van de Worp, Jan Theys, Alba Sanz González, Brent van der Heyden, Frank Verhaegen, Annemie M. W. J. Schols, Ardy van Helvoort and Ramon C. J. Langen


Towards more effective prevention and rehabilitation of hamstrings injuries: A comparison of three hamstrings exercises >

Bas Van Hooren, Panayiotis Teratsias, Paul Willems, Sam van Rossom, Benedicte Vanwanseele, Kenneth Meijer, Maarten Drost


Detecting Advanced Colorectal Neoplasia by analyzing Volatile Organic Compounds in Exhaled Breath: A Pilot Study >

H.R. Cheng, R.W.R. van Vorstenbosch, D.M. Pachen, L.W.T. Meulen, J.W.A. Straathof, J.W. Dallinga, D.M.A.E.Jonkers, A.A.M. Masclee, F.J. van Schooten, Z. Mujagic, A. Smolinska


Early diagnostic biomarkers in exacerbations of COPD >

Kiki Waeijen-Smit, Sarah Houben-Wilke, Frits M.E. Franssen


The role of glucocorticoid signalling and 11β-HSD1 in muscle atrophy during an acute exacerbation of COPD >

Justine Michelle Webster, Wouter van de Worp, Gareth Lavery, Rowan Hardy, Ramon Langen

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