Closing the Gap

The annual NUTRIM symposium
22 November 2023

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Closing the Gap

In the past, research often focused on middle-aged white men with an above average income. As a result, current measures to prevent and treat diseases do not work effectively for everybody. This knowledge gap needs to be closed in order to improve health of so far under-represented groups. To reach this goal, a new way of thinking is needed, which expands the pool of ideas and broadens perspectives. In other words, inclusivity in scientific research will lead to innovation and more personalized approaches. Therefore, this year’s theme of the NUTRIM symposium is ‘Closing the Gap’ in which we discuss our efforts to increase diversity, equity, and inclusivity both in science and our scientific community.

Daisy Jonkers

Scientific director NUTRIM

Roger Godschalk

PhD-student coordinator NUTRIM

22 November 2023 Programme 

08.30-08.55 | Registration

09.00-09.15 | Opening - Roger Godschalk & Daisy Jonkers
09.15-09.45 | Key note lecture on Diversity & Inclusivity - Constance Sommerey
09.45-10.00 | NUTRIM Key note lecture Nurturing Diversity and Inclusivity within NUTRIM - Ronit Sverdlov & Susan Coort
10.00-10.20 | Lecture - Environment and Behavior: Putting Obesity into Context - Jessica Gubbels

10.20-10.40 | Coffee Break

| Poster session - NUTRIM PhD students (odd numbers)

11.30-11.45 | Coffee Break

| Poster session - NUTRIM PhD students (even numbers)
12.35-13.00 | Final round poster jury 

13.00-14.00 | Lunch

14.00-14.20 | Lecture - Metabolic phenotypes in obesity: implications for precision nutrition strategies - Ellen Blaak
14.20-14.50 | 3 PhD Pitches (10 min. each) 1 candidate per division

14.50-15.10 | Coffee Break

15.10-15.30 | Lecture - The Understudied and Vanishing Microbiomes of Traditional Populations - John Penders
15.30-16.00 | 3 PhD Pitches (10 min. each) 1 candidate per division
16.00-16.15 | NUTRIM Awards
16.15-17.00 | Key note Lecture - Generation R – Strength in Diversity - Janine F. Felix MD PhD. Deputy head, Generation R

17.00-18.00 | Closing reception

NUTRIM | School of Nutrition and Translational Research in Metabolism
NUTRIM aims to contribute to health maintenance and personalised medicine by unraveling lifestyle and disease-induced derangements in metabolism and by developing targeted nutritional, exercise and drug interventions. This is facilitated by a state of the art research infrastructure and close interaction between scientists, clinicians, master and PhD students.